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UnRemote 2022: TGM Research family reunites in Vietnam

At TGM Research, the majority of us work hybrid, if not, fully remote from more than 13 different countries around the world. We have long established a "remote-first" tagline before most companies were forced to consider it during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as we were born during the pandemic, the idea of working remote wasn't strange nor uncomfortable for us but instead fulfilling and promoted a healthy work-life balance.

Working fully remote gives a lot of freedom and flexibility to TGM members but we also understand the importance of keeping personal connections. The last couple of years in lockdown and multiple restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible for everyone to meet “live”. After over two ponderous and challenging years, almost all our members could finally meet each other face to face for the first time.

“Colourful. We basically collected people from around the world and everyone somewhat has an impact on each other whether big or small. That is what makes TGM unique, we are a mix of all countries around the world with different background and experience.”
Laura Russak

It has been wonderful two weeks for the TGM team. The first edition of “TGM unRemote” took place in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Over twenty participants were exposed to a great dosage of culture.

Firstly, they actively engaged in Vietnamese life. They discovered Saigon nightlife during adventurous scooter excursion, explored exotic landscapes in Mekong Delta, learned about the courageous history of Vietnam in Cu Chi Tunnels, and immersed themselves a bit in a luxury Ho Tram resort. For many, it was the first time to discover, taste, and experience easter-Asian culture.

TGM Research UnRemote 2022

Secondly, they got to know their colleagues from seven different countries. Through sharing common meals, endless conversations, and self-presentations TGM members became real-live friends expeditiously. This incredible experience gave them more understanding of the diverse cultural background that everyone surrounds themselves with daily. It allowed the team members to understand each other's practices, behavior, and values. These moments of celebrating differences strengthened the relations, and now, the TGM team can grow together even stronger.
“A must have after two years of lockdown in several countries. After 5 minutes of seeing each other for the first time, you could see the energy and connection between everyone. It was like we removed our masks from Microsoft Teams. You could hear the laughter and the jokes. I think this trip really helped connect TGM as a family more than ever before.”
Yoan Sojka
However, the TGM team didn’t end with just traveling. The trip was devoted partially to multiple group workshops, which resulted in setting the most important goals and values for the TGM company. It was important to understand individual perspectives and get on the same line. In consequence, we expect the company to achieve better productivity and greater research quality results in the future.
Overall, TGM unRemote was a great chance for the company and its members. Undoubtedly everyone returned home with unforgettable memories and increased cultural awareness. We believe that the two weeks will bear fruit in the upcoming months.
“Every day is my favorite moment. Since I have been here in Vietnam, I’ve been living very joyful and lively. There is no moment where I feel stress, it is nourishing to my soul and overall, an amazing experience for me. I am sad that it is ending soon.”
Ronen Singha
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Last but not least, on behalf of the entire TGM Research family, we would like to say thank you to Make Your Asia team for organising such an exciting and fulfilling trip for us. Two weeks jam-packed with unforgettable memories and unless laughter was only possible with your touch!

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