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Meet Mr. Luiz:
TGM's Senior Account Manager

Hi! My name is Luiz Gustavo Pelegrini Marongio, 37 years old, Brazilian, currently working as Senior Account Manager (North America/ Latin America).

I joined TGM Research in April 2022. The main attribute I see in my role is to cultivate and manage client relationships within market research and data collection. This role involves understanding the client's research objectives, tailoring sample solutions, ensuring accurate data collection, and maintaining client satisfaction.

My goal is to help the entire TGM Research team achieve our objectives.

Found TGM’s Calling – Luiz Answered the Inspiration to Join the Team

My journey in the company has been something that fills me with pride, a journey full of learning, with the possibility to learn a lot from my teammates, and my manager, and also with the possibility to share all my experience in the industry. It all started with the clear objective of developing a portfolio of TGM Research clients and helping do new business in the North America and Latin America region.

What really inspired me was the dynamic team of the company, the development plan, and the proposed objectives. I was always very excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and collaborate in an environment that promotes growth and impactful results. In the midst of all this, I feel that I have been developing more and more my negotiation skills, experience, and learning in client management, and in every situation in our day-to-day project execution.

Forge Ahead with Luiz's Unique Approach to Challenges

In the field of market research, adaptability is crucial. Actually, we encountered many situations that needed all of us to work together and use our skills to overcome. A project that we managed to collaborate on with a university, in a country in South Asia. A project challenged by the size of the market/country and the number of interviews we had to deliver. A job that involved all levels of the company, in direct contact with the client, project follow-up meetings, and action plans.

About the project for a university in a small country in South Asia, I was the one who sold the project, and I was on the front line of communication with the client. At a certain point we started to have some difficulties in generating traffic of respondents to complete the project (the number of interviews was somewhat high for the market). We involved others key people in the team, we were in communication with the client, with clear explanations, with the entire action plan that we would do from that moment and seek to deliver the completed project.

In the end, all the effort invested paid off, we were able to deliver what was requested. We had positive feedback from the clients, and we continued the relationship and carried out new projects.

I believe that one thing leads to another. If we offer a quality service to our customers, and if we perform this service with excellence, the numbers will turn, and the goal will be achieved. It is important to always be in line with the client's expectations, clear communication, guaranteeing this quality work.

For me, connecting with clients is a big part of what I do. And there was this one client interaction that really sticks in my mind. Something about my personality, and anyone who knows me knows it's true. I am a very outgoing person, I try to create a lighter environment, to build that "trust" with the client. And one day it was like that, I started the meeting with an informal conversation about where I live, and why. Something interesting from a Brazilian living in Mexico, and the city I live in and the habits I learned here. One of the Mexican clients was impressed when I said the name of the city I live in (Veracruz, which is a beach town), and his question was "But why Veracruz?". My answer was an excerpt from a famous song here in Mexico, which says that life near the sea is tastier. That's when he burst out laughing and told me.... “OK Luiz, you are already very Mexicanized” (Laugh).

Go beyond borders with TGM Research: Dynamic Connection, Diversity, and Growth

I think that the freedom we have to carry out our tasks and responsibilities is a unique aspect that TGM gives us. This culture of being a company open to new ideas and experiences helps in all processes. It leads us to create trust among us in the team, and without a doubt, it is something very important for the success of all of us.

As a remote-first company, many people would wonder how we collaborate. Personally, it's actually not a major challenge – the fact that we're spread across different time zones means we can provide backup and support whenever needed. It's also an amazing opportunity for me to learn different cultures and languages, which I find genuinely fascinating. Of course, we need to be highly organized and precise in our task management to ensure that the workflow remains uninterrupted and efficient, so no disruptions may arise due to varying time zones.

Because a large portion of TGM is working remotely, it is quite challenging for us to have regular face-to-face interactions. That’s why the limited occasions when we can actually meet and greet each other become exceptionally valuable and etched in our memories. There was a particular moment that always brings a smile to my face whenever I look back on it. I remember that in May of 2022, there were many memorable moments I had with my colleagues. It was when we had our gathering trip that we all went to Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam). Everyone knows about these moments; on all the days we were together on the trip. It was very pleasant to be able to have "just one beer" with my colleagues, they were pleasant moments of many laughs.

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