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TGMstories: Meeting Klaudia Dobrasz

Meeting Klaudia Dobrasz:
Our Account Executive EMEA

Hello, I come from Poland. I grew up in a picturesque and quiet town, Sława, in the western part of the country. A few years back I came to Warsaw for studies and now I have lived here since. I’m in my last (!) year of MA in Sociology at the University of Warsaw. As for a person who lives in the city, I don’t live much of a big city life. I enjoy being around nature - long walks, spending time in parks, or by the river. It’s what I appreciate in Warsaw, but whenever possible, I travel outside of the city. In addition, I enjoy a proper yoga session and a nice music album. I have also sung in a choir for two years already.

I have worked at TGM Research for 2 years. I started as a trainee but eventually with time my position progressed and currently, I work as an Account Executive in an insight sales team.

Celebrating 2 Years at TGM Research:
Crafting Insights, Nurturing Success

Being in insight team gives me the opportunity to participate in the research project from the scope of an idea. I enjoy helping our clients, trying to understand what their needs and objectives are and adjusting the project to it – by preparing a relevant questionnaire or elaborative final report. The most rewarding moments are probably the ones when a client comes back with the new research – it means that we have done a great job.

There are a few things that I appreciate from the perspective of the company’s culture and values.

  • Work-life balance: Flexible work arrangements when possible and remote work helps me to organize my daily tasks with ease.
  • Inclusivity and diversity: I think we create an environment that respects different perspectives, beliefs, and opinions, not only on the business level. Besides, I think the company treats everyone equally and fairly.
  • Clear communication at all levels of the organization: I see that our management tries to flow information freely and, at least, I feel informed about the company’s goals and challenges.
TGMstories: Celebrating 2 Years at TGM Research
TGMstories: From Lecture Halls to Insights

From Lecture Halls to Insights:
A Student's Dual Journey at TGM Research

As a student and TGM employee, I appreciate very much the flexibility that I derive from a remote job. The fact that I can work from multiple places helps me to organize my day. I also recognize the positive attitude of my manager to the challenges that my studies bring sometimes. I’m grateful that everyone is very understanding and supportive.

Every part of the project aligns somehow with my studies. Sociology gives me tools, such as theories, methodological background, or technical competencies of certain programs. I can apply them all to the projects at TGM while creating a questionnaire, analyzing tabulations or writing a final report.

As both a student and an Account Executive, balancing work and academic commitments are challenging indeed. I try to be very organized with my current tasks for work and studies. I have a specific schedule when I work or prepare something for the university, and I try not to disturb it or extend it too much. This balance must be taken to have the sense that I am able to manage and combine those two things. But within that, I always try to have some self-time during the day and break away from my daily tasks.

Balancing work and studies can sometimes impact personal time. There are multiple practices that one might implement into a daily routine to prevent burnout. As mentioned before, time management is very important to me. Then, I always listen to my body - if I feel overwhelmed, I take a break to recharge, even a short one. On a weekly basis, I prioritize sleep and yoga sessions.

TGM Un-Remote 2022:
A Harmonious Evening of Ukulele, Laughter, and Team Bonding

During the last evening of TGM Un-Remote 2022, the event dedicated to the employee’s integration in Vietnam, I shared the spontaneous and lighthearted moment of gathering of multiple of my colleagues by the main hall, singing and playing music. As the strumming of the ukulele began, the catchy chords of 'Stand by Me' filled the air. Soon, multiple colleagues joined in, their voices harmonizing with laughter and joy. The team found common ground in the music. This spontaneous musical gathering became my cherished moment at TGM Research.
TGMstories: TGM Un-Remote 2022

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