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Department stores is the most popular type of retailer for Valentine’s Day gift shopping this year in France

Valentine's Day in France, known as "La Saint Valentin", is all about romanticism. The country has a reputation as one of the most romantic countries in world, even dating back to the Middle Ages, where there was ‘une loterie d’amour’ to celebrate the day.

Valentine’s Day is taken very seriously.

The celebration of Valentine's Day in France tends to focus on the loving bond shared between two people – aka those “in” love rather than familial love or friendly bonds. On this day, French adults will exchange gifts, chocolates, roses, and other tokens of appreciation as a way to express their love for one another. According to TGM Valentine’s Day Insights 2023, 32% of survey respondents in France will most likely shop in-stores, especially department stores (45%), and some online.

Despite the boom in e-commerce, the rise in demand for in-store shopping this Valentines can be explained by the need of consumers to try on or test products before purchasing. Perfume, for example, was the most popular Valentine’s Day gift choice in France. By purchasing it in-store, in addition to the promotions available (only in-store), consumers can also test the product and get it nicely wrapped.

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