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TGM Global Pulse Survey

How will 2022 be different?

What did we find out in the global survey about assessment of 2021 and hopes for 2022?

Thank you, 2021. Glad you are gone.

Did you enter 2021 with a lot of hopes and wishes, only to have them crushed by the ongoing pandemic? Calm seas never made a good sailor, but two years of choppy waters weren’t easy for most of us.

But we expect that 2022 will be much better!

TGM Research Team has conducted a Global Survey to provide a better understanding of the global sentiment in Holiday time 2021. The study involved general opinions, preparation process, market behavior on Holidays and its impact on COVID, as well as evaluation of 2021 and predictions for the next year. To gain more insights there are 17 countries from 5 continents involved. The total sample size is 14,250.

How do we feel about 2021/2022 - Global Survey results


Online survey with 14,250 participants, in 17 countries, broken down into gender being Male 49.87% and Female 50.13%%.


Age groupings by 18-24 (25%), 25-29 (18%), 30-39 (32%), 40-50 (25%).

Country sample size: Argentina N=750, Brazil N=800, Canada N=500, France N=800, Germany N=800, Greece N=800, Italy N=800, Kenya N=750, Mexico N=750, Nigeria N=900, Philippines N=800, Poland N=1500, Russia N=1000, South Africa N=800, Spain N=800, UK N=900, USA N=800

Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55 or 18-65 (depending on country profile demographics structure) into account.


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