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TGMstories - Viet Vo - IT Director

Seeds of Compassion

Hello, my name is Viet Vo, and I currently serve as the IT Director at TGM Research. I am honored to share a deeply personal story that not only exemplifies the universal Law of Cause and Effect but also the profound truth of "Giving Love, Receiving Happiness"a powerful lesson instilled in me by my beloved grandmother, who was like a second mother to me. This narrative has resonated deeply within me, so much so that it inspired an essay I wrote about the image of motherhood in Eastern culture. This essay was recognized by a guest professor and I was invited to present it at a Mother's Day Commemoration at the University of Texas.

The response was overwhelmingly emotional; many attendees were moved to tears, and the essay was subsequently published in a Dallas newspaper in 2005. This experience underscored not only the impact my grandmother had on my life but also highlighted the timeless and far-reaching power of acts of kindness. Through this story, I hope to convey how deeply our lives are interconnected and how the simple act of giving can continue to influence lives across generations and geographies.

A Sheltering Shade

In the bustling market of Chợ Cồn in Đà Nẵng during the harsh summers of the mid-1960s, my grandmother, Mrs. Năm Củng, a compassionate shop owner, noticed a young single mother struggling to sell children’s clothing under the scorching sun while managing her two small children. Moved by her plight, my grandmother offered her a space inside her shop. This simple act of kindness provided the young mother a respite from the heat and a more favorable spot to attract customers, all without the burden of additional cost. This simple offer of shelter was the beginning of a decade-long relationship. The young mother was able to provide for her children with greater ease, and their quality of life improved significantly. Over time, the gratitude and bond between my grandmother and the young family grew, marked by shared stories and mutual appreciation.

As years turned and the war reshaped our country, my grandmother grew older and eventually retired. Post-war chaos disrupted many lives, including that of the young mother and her children. They lost touch, and my grandmother often wondered about their fate during those tumultuous times, hoping they were safe somewhere.

TGMstories - Viet Vo
TGMstories - Viet Vo

Reconnection and Rediscovery

Fast forward thirty years to a community gathering of Central Vietnamese expatriates in Dallas, Texas, where I was introduced as a new student looking for part-time work to support my studies in computer science. At this meeting, I connected with Mrs. Huệ, a successful businesswoman in the fashion and jewelry industry, who, as it turned out, was the young mother whom my grandmother had helped decades ago in Đà Nẵng. When she learned of my background, she immediately offered me a job, extending the same kindness once shown by my grandmother.

Under Mrs. Huệ’s mentorship, I ventured into the world of business, an opportunity that merged my technical skills with the traditional craft of embroidery. Inspired by the legacy of support and compassion, I launched LaurenDavid Embroidery at Traders Village in Dallas, a bustling marketplace that symbolized a fresh start and new possibilities. The business was named in honor of my mentors, reflecting not only my gratitude but also the spirit of community and mutual support that had brought me to this point.

Giving Love, Receiving Happiness

Years later, as I prepared to move on from my business and begin a new career, I visited Mrs. Huệ to express my gratitude. She smiled and simply said, "Giving love, receiving happiness. Remember to keep this cycle going, Viet". Her words resonated deeply, echoing the lessons my grandmother had taught me about kindness, generosity, and the impact they can have across time and place.

This journey, from the streets of Đà Nẵng to the heart of Texas, reinforced my belief in the power of kindness and the importance of community support. It's a testament to the idea that no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. As we celebrate Mother's Day, let's remember the impact of our actions on the lives of others and strive to continue the legacy of giving and receiving love.

TGMstories - Viet Vo

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