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Meet Fion Lau:
Our Senior Marketing Executive

Hi everyone! My name is Fion and I'm turning 26 this year. I was born and raised in Ho Chi Minh, a vibrant city in the Southern part of Vietnam.

At 17, I embarked on a journey to pursue my dream of studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia. It was an enriching experience where I immersed myself in a different culture, embraced independence, and even found love along the way (we broke up). After obtaining my bachelor's degree in marketing, I returned home a few years ago. While I miss the lush greenery of Melbourne, city life keeps me occupied. Despite the urban hustle, I still find solace in occasional night drives with a curated playlist. Recently, I've developed a passion for pickleball, making it my new favorite sport.

As for my background at TGM, I’ve been a team member since June 2022. I work in the Marketing department as a Senior Marketing Executive.

The Transition, The Personal Growth

I started working at TGM as a carefree single gal, reveling in the joys of life. All I knew was making myself happy and enjoying the spontaneity of each day. Now, I am married to the love of my life, and together we have a little 9-month-old baby named Leon.

My life has undergone profound changes since becoming a mother – both personally and professionally. I've learned the art of patience and adapting to new challenges. My thought process has evolved, and my approach to problem-solving has shifted as well. Parenthood has equipped me with invaluable skills that translate seamlessly into the workplace. Now it’s all about balancing my professional life with my parental responsibilities.

As a first-time mom, the journey wasn’t easy. It wasn’t just the physical demands, but also the mental strain. I'm not sure about other mothers but when I first came back from my maternal leave, I felt empty inside. Like I was missing something. My body is at work, but my heart is at home. I struggled to find my footing; my mind scattered, and I felt overwhelmed. Thankfully, I had incredibly supportive team members who helped me adjust and were patient with me as I navigated this new chapter. With time, I managed to find my rhythm and pick myself up, ready to embrace both roles with newfound strength and resilience.

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"My body is at work, but my heart is at home. Thankfully, I had very supportive team members who help me adjust." - Fion
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A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Balancing work and life is always a challenge; for moms, I think it’s even more difficult. My secret is just effective time management and... a lovely boss who believes in “work-life-balance" (laughs).

I think where I am today – confident and happy being in the workplace is hugely attributed to TGM’s support. We have a great supportive system where every employee's voice is not only heard but valued. Despite our diverse backgrounds and the fact that many of us work remotely, we make it a point to connect and share whenever the opportunity arises. It's like being part of a big family, and I take immense pride in being part of such a nurturing company culture.

At TGM, we work hard and we play hard. Alongside our generous leave allowances, we are offered flexible work arrangements. This means having the freedom to work from home one day per week or leave a bit early to attend to personal matters—of course, as long as we meet our deadlines and responsibilities promptly! It's this balance that truly sets us apart and allows us to thrive both personally and professionally.

Integration of Work Life with Motherhood

There are three key principles I always adhere to since becoming a working mom to maintain my work-life balance:
  • Have flexible work arrangements: Opt for a company that values your well-being and recognizes the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. With flexibility in the workplace, I can easily adjust my schedule to meet both professional and family commitments. Whether it involves remote work or modifying hours to address my child's needs, this flexibility allows me to excel in my career while prioritizing my family's well-being.
  • Set boundaries: While integration is important, setting boundaries is equally crucial. I designate specific times for work and family activities, ensuring that I’m fully present in each role without allowing them to overlap excessively. I think when I maintain a clear boundary, I can focus on my tasks more and give my full attention.
  • Prioritize myself first: As a first-time mom, everything is overwhelming. I believe a mother can only make her child happy when she is happy. This is why I take importance in taking care of myself and maintaining a healthy balance between my professional life and parental responsibilities. This could be a 15-minute meditating session or a 30-minute yoga session to help me organize my thoughts and take a break from over-thinking. I think I’m better equipped to handle the demands of both roles effectively when I prioritize myself.
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