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29% of British respondents plan to purchase Valentine’s Day gifts 4-6 days before and the most popular gift choice is chocolate at 55%

Valentine’s Day – the celebration of love and affection, is observed across the globe. Gifts, flowers, card are essential parts of this special occasion and although it is celebrated the same everywhere, some countries have special V-Day traditions unique to them.

And the UK is no exception!

In the UK, Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated by adults who are in love but also between friends and family of all age groups. To many, it is more than just a moment to commemorate romantic love but to remind oneself of all the forms of love in life. Whether it’s friendship, family, or romantic partners, Valentine’s Day in the UK encourages all individuals and communities to cherish and express affection, acceptance, and respect for everyone in the world.

According to TGM Valentine’s Day Insights 2023, 86% of survey respondents in the UK plan to prepare a Valentine’s Day card for their significant other and the most popular gift choice was chocolate (55%) and flowers (34%).

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