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The Paris Olympics Playbook

As the world focuses on Paris for the 2024 Olympics, travel businesses have a golden opportunity. By understanding and adapting to global travelers' behaviors and preferences, businesses can build a foundation for sustained growth and success beyond the Games.

The Paris Olympics Playbook

About the Olympics 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games, scheduled from July 26th to August 11th, 2024, mark a monumental moment in French history, promising to be the most significant event ever organized in the country. With its grandeur, cultural richness, and historical significance, Paris stands as an ideal host city for this prestigious occasion.

Unlike any other Olympics in history, the opening ceremony will not be confined to the confines of a traditional stadium. Instead, it will be a spectacular affair set against the picturesque backdrop of the Seine River.

Paris and its neighboring cities are set to pulse with the energy of competition as 329 sporting events unfold. The Paris 2024 Olympics will introduce exhilarating new sports to the Olympic stage, including: climbing, skateboarding, surfing, breaking.

Why This Guide?

The Olympics 2024 in Paris represents a unique and monumental opportunity for businesses in the travel industry. With millions of visitors from around the globe expected to converge on Paris, understanding their behaviors, preferences, and expectations is crucial for maximizing business potential and delivering exceptional customer experiences. This guide is designed to equip travel agencies, hotels, airlines, restaurants, and other stakeholders with actionable insights derived from the TGM Global Travel Report 2023, tailored specifically to the context of the Olympic Games.

By delving into detailed traveler demographics, preferred activities, and viewing habits, this guide helps businesses anticipate and meet the diverse needs of Olympic visitors. Whether it's optimizing marketing strategies, enhancing service offerings, or creating memorable viewing experiences for fans, the insights provided herein will empower businesses to thrive amidst the Olympic fervor. This guide not only offers a roadmap to capitalize on the influx of tourists but also fosters an environment where businesses can contribute to the overall success and excitement of the Olympics in Paris.

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