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Health and Well-being in Focus: What's Changing in the Middle East?

In the Middle East, TGM Research reveals a significant shift toward prioritizing health and well-being, reshaping priorities and influencing sectors from healthcare to technology.

Health and Well-being in Focus: What's Changing in the Middle East?

In the Middle East, a dynamic shift is underway in the prioritization of health and well-being, as evidenced by the latest TGM Consumer Sentiment Report 2024 focusing on Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE. This change reflects a deeper cultural shift where health and well-being are becoming as significant as economic stability. Driven largely by the youth and women, it not only signals a transformation in consumer behavior but also sets the stage for broader societal and economic impacts, including changes in how businesses and policymakers address the needs of their populations. The focus on health is paving the way for innovative solutions and strategies that cater to a health-conscious public, indicating a promising horizon for both individuals and communities across the region.

Saudi Arabia: A Youthful Surge in Health Awareness

In Saudi Arabia, the young population is now more concerned about health and wellness than ever before, outpacing their worries about finances or inflation. This marks a noteworthy pivot towards a health-centric lifestyle among Saudi youth, particularly evident with 43% of young Saudis aged 18-24 ranking health as their top concern. This trend is influencing market dynamics, prompting businesses to innovate around fitness, wellness, and dietary choices tailored to youthful preferences. The surge in health consciousness is catalyzing the growth of sectors like mobile health applications and fitness centers, reflecting a burgeoning market for products and services that resonate with a health-focused demographic.

UAE: Emirati Women Lead in Health Prioritization

In the UAE, health concerns are predominantly led by Emirati women, who express a higher level of health consciousness than their male counterparts. This group's focus on well-being is creating a demand for personalized health and dietary solutions, including apps that track nutritional intake and offer tailored diet plans. The shift is also fostering a community-based approach to health, with an increase in workshops and support groups that provide a platform for women to engage in conversations about nutrition, health management, and lifestyle optimization. This emphasis on health by Emirati women is not only shaping consumer behavior but also influencing public health strategies and business innovations in the region.

Egypt: Health and Wealth in Balance for the Middle-Aged

In Egypt, the focus on health and well-being is prominently observed among the middle-aged population, who are equally balancing their concerns between health and financial stability. This demographic's heightened awareness is driving changes in healthcare services, with an increased demand for accessible medical care and health insurance products tailored to the needs of those aged 40-55. The shift suggests potential growth areas for the insurance industry and underscores the need for enhanced healthcare infrastructure and public health initiatives aimed at disease prevention and health education.
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