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Euro Survey 2024

Welcome to TGM's Global Euro Insights Station 2024! As the tournament kicks off, dive into the latest football fan insights with TGM Research's comprehensive survey spanning multiple continents. Explore our Global Euro Report 2024, a treasure trove of fascinating data on fan participation and perceptions. Unlock lucrative opportunities and innovative approaches for your business with our detailed analysis today!
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About The Event

The 2024 UEFA European Football Championship, commonly referred to as UEFA Euro 2024, will be the 17th edition of the UEFA European Championship, the quadrennial international football competition organized by UEFA for the European men's national teams of its member associations. Germany will host the tournament, which is scheduled to take place from 14 June to 14 July 2024. Over 31 days of play, fans will watch 24 national football teams compete in 51 matches, culminating in a final game viewed by hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

TGM Research has conducted the largest independent international survey across 26 countries to understand the world's pulse on this major sports event. The survey provides insights into fan participation and perceptions of the games. Discover how football followers worldwide are gearing up to support the biggest sports tournament of the year!

UEFA EURO 2024™ Match Schedule

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Key Findings from
the TGM Global Euro Survey 2024

01 Football Viewing Habits and Platform Preferences

  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    60% of people are interested in watching or following football
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    49% of females are interested in watching or following football
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    61% of people prefer to watch/ follow football on TV broadcast/ Home TV
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    37% of people prefer to watch/ follow football on YouTube
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    36% of people prefer to watch/ follow football on social media
TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 Footbal Viewing Habits TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 logo
60% of people are interested in watching or following football
TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 Viewer Insights TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 logo
57% of people are interested in the UEFA Euro 2024™

02 Euro 2024 Viewer Insights and Brand Associations

  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    57% of people are interested in the UEFA Euro 2024™
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    62% of people will watch the UEFA Euro 2024™ on TV broadcast/ Home TV
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    50% of people will try to watch every match of the UEFA Euro 2024™
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    4% of people consider watching the UEFA Euro 2024™ live in Germany
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 vector 01
    Adidas and Coca-Cola are the chosen brands which are believed to connect with the UEFA Euro 2024™ games the most
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TGM Global Euro Survey 2024

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Selected insights from the survey

Euro Consumer Behavior in 2024:
What You Need to Know

Interest in football is global: Billions of football enthusiasts span the globe, playing, following, and discussing the sport in almost every corner of the planet. According to our survey, 60% of people across all surveyed countries are interested in football, with the highest concentrations of fans found in Africa (80%) and the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (68%).

Football is primarily about watching and supporting: Most sports fans engage with football by watching it on TV (86%) and following it online (53%). Playing football and attending live matches is less common, with only 39% of fans participating in these activities. The regions with the highest participation in playing football are Latin America (30%) and Africa (21%).

Football fans' age: Interest in football is widespread, with 60% of people globally expressing a desire to watch or follow the sport. However, age plays a significant role in this interest. The majority of the fanbase falls between 25 and 34 years old, making up 65% of football enthusiasts. Older demographics generally show less interest, except in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, where 62% of individuals aged 55 and above are avid followers.

Football's appeal extends beyond male audiences. Our survey reveals that 49% of women have a general interest in football, with 1 in 5 expressing strong enthusiasm for the game. The highest levels of female interest are observed in Africa (39%) and the APAC region (25%).

The UEFA Euro 2024™ is attracting significant global attention. Our survey revealed that 57% of respondents are interested in this year's tournament, with 27% expressing strong interest. The highest levels of interest are found in Africa (40%), the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region (29%), and Europe (26%).

Viewing habits: Among those planning to watch the UEFA Euro 2024™, an overwhelming 99% will tune in for at least one game. Half of the respondents (50%) intend to watch every game they can, while 17% will focus only on the matches involving their favorite teams, and 14% will watch only the games of their national team.

The majority (62%) of those interested in the UEFA Euro Championship™ will watch the games on TV across all surveyed countries. However, the rise of streaming platforms is evident, with 32% planning to watch the games via these methods, particularly among younger audiences. Conversely, viewers over 44 years old prefer traditional TV broadcasts/ Home TV. The lowest inclination to use online streaming platforms is observed in Europe (24%). Watching live broadcasts in public places, such as bars, is also popular, especially in Africa (41%).

The UEFA Euro 2024™ is a stage for national pride and optimism. Many football fans are rallying behind their own national teams. Check out our report for more details on fan support across different countries!

As excitement builds, everyone is speculating about who will claim the UEFA Euro 2024™ crown. According to our global survey, Germany is the global favorite to win, with 22% of the vote. France follows closely in second place with 19%, and England is third with 15%. Portugal and Spain are also strong contenders, each garnering 10% of the support.

Football is about teams and teamwork, but every team consists of individual talents. The UEFO Euro 2024™ is one of the opportunities to showcase for the best footballers. The tournament promises to provide us with a mix of potential final appearances for a group of multiple iconic stars combined with the emergence of an exciting new generation of talents. Results of the voting:

  • - Cristiano Ronaldo 1st
  • - Lionel Messi 2nd
  • - Erling Haaland 3rd
  • - Kylian Mbappe 4th
  • - Robert Lewandowski 5th

In any tournament, sponsors play a critical role. They provide financial support, which helps promote the event and their own brand. The UEFA Euro 2024™ stands as one of the most influential international marketing platforms, attracting top brands like Adidas, AliExpress, Alipay+, Atos, Betano,, BYD, Coco-Cola Zero, Hisense, Lidl, Engelbert Strauss, Visit Qatar, Vivo, as official global sponsors.

We asked survey participants which brand comes to mind first when thinking of the UEFA Euro 2024™. The majority named Adidas (25%). Other prominent brands that came to mind included Nike, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Visa, Mercedes, BMW, Lidl, Mastercard, and Hisense—some of which are official sponsors, while others are not.

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About the report

What will you gain from
the TGM Global Euro Report 2024?

2024 Insights in the UEFA Euro  vector

2024 Insights in the UEFA Euro 2024™

Our survey, spanning 26 countries and involving over 20,000 respondents asked, provides key insights into football fans' unbiased perceptions and participation in the game. This invaluable data equips businesses with the critical information needed to develop targeted marketing strategies and make well-informed decisions. Leverage these insights to connect with football enthusiasts and enhance your business success.

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Free Country-Specific Reports Available

TGM Research offers comprehensive, free country-focused reports that are easily accessible with just a click. Each report includes extensive data appendices to support and deepen the understanding of the research findings and insights, providing a thorough exploration tailored to specific geographic contexts. Discover detailed, localized insights to enhance your strategic decision-making.

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Exploring Various Segments of Audience

We offer an in-depth exploration of various segments of audiences as well as how they compare with specific regions, presenting detailed insights into the participation and perception of the event. This comprehensive analysis aids stakeholders in understanding the engagement of football fans, enabling more informed and strategic decisions in the marketplace.

TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 - Unveil Leaders in the Pack

Unveil Leaders in the Pack

Gain valuable insights into the participation and perception of football fans across the world. Learn which brands are recognized, associated, and the strength of association with the UEFA Euro 2024™.

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The survey was conducted through online interviews across 26 countries fron the 10th - 28th of May 2024, targeting a representative sample of adults aged 18 to 55+. This sample accurately reflects the adult population of each country in terms of gender and age distribution.
Age groupings by 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+. Country sample size: Austria (N=734), Belgium (N=732), France (N=813), Germany (N=860), Italy (N=1235), Netherlands (N=570), Poland (N=805), Portugal (N=1230), Romania (N=783), Serbia (N=712), Spain (N=992), Switzerland (N=349), Turkey (N=749), the UK (N=779), Ukraine (N=745), Australia (N=695), India (N=991), Indonesia (N=796), Philippines (N=791), Thailand (N=712), Nigeria (N=764), South Africa (N=992), USA (N=879), Argentina (N=761), Brazil (N=792), and Mexico (N=796). Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55+ into account.

This research project was conducted by TGM Research, adhering to the international quality standards for market research. Methodological details and sample sizes are included in the report. The results can be republished for non-commercial and editorial purposes, provided TGM Research is cited as the data source.

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