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From change in spending behaviors to the return of old favorites and growing impact of social media on the festive season, what did TGM Research discover in the world's most comprehesive holiday survey conducted this year? Find out more about our 2022 Global Christmas Insights Report below!


Christmas is a festive period celebrated by nearly 2 billion people worldwide. TGM Research, a leader and pioneer in the field of global digital and mobile research, cordially invites you to participate in the most extensive Christmas survey. To grasp the global pulse on Christmas, TGM Research will once again conduct the most interesting independent global survey spanning 18 countries.

The survey will provide insights into celebrations of Christmas in different cultures, shopping and gift-giving habits, the role of brands, and more! Learn more about how people worldwide get ready for Christmas this year!


How is Christmas celebrated across the world?

For many, the holiday evokes fond memories and serves as an “excuse” to bring people together. Because every family celebrates Christmas in a unique way with their own customs and rituals, the holiday season is particularly unique and personal. Everyone can feel a growing sense of excitement as the day approaches. Many people believe that Christmas is only celebrated on December 25th; however, for some individuals around the world, it can last a lot longer than that.

The Advent Season, which precedes Christmas Day, is a popular time for people to get ready for the official 12 Days of Christmas. Depending on the country, Christmas Day (December 25th) and Christmas Eve (December 24th) is a public holiday for all.

Interactive map, hover to see which countries are celebrating Christmas in 2022/2023




think that Christmas is the most awaited time of the year

1,5 Billion

people around the world will celebrate Christmas

1,5 Billion people around the world will celebrate Christmas
49% will buy their gifts online
2 out of 5

people will do most of their preparations less than two weeks before Christmas


will buy their gifts online



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How 2022 Christmas holiday season will be different?

Christmas is the most awaited season of the year for 81% of people worldwide, which they like primarily because of an opportunity to spend time with the family (90%).

We tend to stay in one location, and the home will be the action stage. Decorating the Christmas tree and cleaning and decking up the house is how most people celebrate Christmas 2022, no matter the location. For this season, we will travel more than last year, but still, we would rather do this locally - primarily by car, meet up with family members, and enjoy quality time and food.

Socializing with extended family and friends will be limited, with close people around (7 on average). However, we will use technology to overcome temporary Christmas reunion difficulties, wishing those who are not with us this year warm Merry Christmas via videoconference from our phones.

Christmas Outlook

How people worldwide perceive Christmas?

Christmas is widely celebrated globally - 81% of people worldwide said Christmas is the most awaited time of the year.

It causes a significant change in our daily lives. People will be tucking into delectable traditional delicacies, decking out their houses, and participating in a variety of festive traditions over this holiday period; this is also a good time to spend time with loved ones, relive memorable moments, and enjoy the comfort of home.

Happy 2022 look back

Christmas is the most awaited time of the year.

How people worldwide does prepare for the Christmas season?

Everyone has cherished Christmas memories they can reminisce about. These recollections are ingrained in our minds and brought back to life each year by the ambience of the holiday. And preparations for this holiday serve as a gateway to those nostalgic, enchanting childhood emotions of joy.

Our survey's findings indicate that, with the exception of Africa, the majority of people start their Christmas decorating 3–4 weeks in advance. In the USA, most people opted to begin their preparations in November or the first week of December, accounting for 73%. The scenario is quite different in Africa, where more than half of the population won't start the preparatory work until the second week of December.

Let’s get into Christmas! December mode on

What are the worldwide commonalities and differences for Christmas celebrations?

No matter your background or beliefs, Christmas is a time for families and communities to set aside their differences and come together in celebration. The joy of this festive season lies in each person's participation in the preparations, such as decorating the home, baking Christmas cookies, or wrapping presents.

The most common preparation activity worldwide, accounting for 66% of all activities, is decorating the Christmas tree. Sending holiday cards is the least preferred activity, which is plausible given the prevalence of digital communication.

See how TGM celebrates Christmas.

Christmas traditions

What would be the holiday travel plans this Christmas?

For many, this Christmas will be marked by a tentative return to normalcy thanks to the easing of Covid-related travel restrictions worldwide. According to the 2022 survey results, it is expected to see an increase in short- and long-term travel during one of the year's biggest holidays compared to last year's results. However, the majority will decide to spend their Christmas at home - avoiding travel arrangements. As a result, only 1 out of 4 people will travel this Christmas – this will be the case for Latin America, Europe and USA. The exception is Africa, where half will travel for the 2022 Christmas.

Many people worldwide choose to begin their Christmas travel arrangements in advance. The most common is to start travelling for Christmas in the last three days preceding Christmas. 57% said they would begin their itinerary during this time.

Last-minute arrangements are the case for most, especially in Europe - 1 out of 3 people (32%) and the US (1/4) will be heading the day preceding Christmas. Planning in advance is the case for Africa (49%) and LATAM (50%), where Christmas traveling requires more early preparation.

people will travel more during Christmas

What would be the consumer spending budget this Christmas?
December is typically a flurry of celebrations, gift-giving, and holiday gatherings. From big Thanksgiving dinners to exchanging gifts around Christmas and ringing in the New Year, a lot goes on within a few weeks. This year, things may seem more expensive than usual. So, will this holiday season put a strain on consumers' budgets? Are people cutting back on Christmas gifts this year? And if we are buying gifts, what are the most popular ones? What have we noticed?
  • Consumers start their Christmas shopping before November, but the majority will wait until the last two weeks before Christmas to finalize their shopping list.
  • Since confidence is still low from last year, people are cutting back in areas of spending and trying to be more mindful of how they use their money. Consequently, consumers have become more price-sensitive and are constantly on the lookout for attractive deals.
  • Even with all the challenges that lie ahead, sustainability and conscious consumerism are still key trends for people—perhaps now more than ever. Being affordable is also an important factor for many shoppers.
Foods and drinks and the gifting budget allocation will increase the most

What are the gifting plans for this Christmas?

If you haven’t done any of your Christmas shopping yet, it’s okay, neither has 30% of the world.
Our global survey found that consumers are set to delay holiday spending as late as possible this year due to the “uncertainty” in their financial status.
Most people will start preparations early to mid-December and slowly up until near Christmas Eve. In some parts of the world, such as the USA, people prefer to prepare earlier rather than rush for last-minute touches.
77% of people around the world are more focused on finding deals this Christmas due to rising prices.
Not a surprise as inflation is taking a toll on everyone, affecting the attitudes toward holiday shopping this year. The irony here, however, is how holiday shoppers prefer to leave Christmas preparations to the very end, yet when they do shop, they want to get all of it done as fast as possible.
Furthermore, 70% of those surveyed like it when retailers provide suggestions for entertaining, decorating, or gifting. It seems like those who are more ‘comfortable’ financially might be willing to splurge if retailers can persuade them to do so!

People's attitudes towards Christmas shopping

How the retail segment will perform this Christmas?
Christmas shopping - categories

How the e-commerce will perform this Christmas?

Just under half of the surveyed shoppers (48%) plan to complete their Christmas shopping online this year — with a majority (42%) looking to turn to Amazon first. Generally, marketplaces are the first option for online shoppers to visit Amazon when they have a specific product need they're looking to purchase. However, there is also some specific distinctiveness related to consumers' regional presence and preferences. Mercado Libre is the key option for LATAM region Christmas shopping, beating Amazon's supremacy. Noticeably, the strong market campaigns of Shopee managed to help to move ahead the ranks in Latin America. Also, Jumia is a key option for consumers in Africa. This marketplace comes to mind first for consumers in surveyed African countries.

Christmas shopping - e-commerce

What are the brands most associated with Christmas worldwide?

Brands have long sought to leverage cultural events to anchor themselves to something sure to leave an impression. The holidays, and Christmas specifically, have long been an event that brands have sought to associate with – for many, with great success.

One of the most recognizable global brands, Coca-Cola, has long been tied to Christmas. They first started promoting Christmas-themed ads in the early 20th century. So it is not surprising that lead is the core brand associated with the holidays globally. Sports brands are also connected, which may be linked with the recent World Cup event bringing them to the top-of-mind of many.

Top brands association with Christmas
TGM Christmas Survey - Local Country Insights:
TGM Christmas Market research Survey 2022 | Data in Europe:

TGM Christmas Market research Survey 2022 | Data in Europe

TGM Christmas Customer Insights in LATAM:

TGM Christmas Customer Insights in LATAM:

TGM Christmas trends pulse in USA | Download Insights report

TGM Christmas trends pulse in USA | Download Insights report

TGM Christmas Market Research Insights and Trends in Africa

TGM Christmas Market Research Insights and Trends in Africa

Online survey with 14.621 participants, in 18 countries, broken down into gender being Male 49,8% and Female 50,2%%.

Age groupings by 18-24 (16,1%), 25-34 (23,8%) 35-44 (23,1%), 45-54 (20,9%), 55-64 (16,1%).
Country sample size: Argentina N=855, Brazil N=882, Bulgaria N=853, Chile N=561, Colombia N=854, France N=908, Germany N=649, Greece N=835, Italy N=873, Kenya N=609, Mexico N=908, Nigeria N=570, Peru N=855, Poland N=895, Romania N=854, South Africa N=865, Spain N=964, USA N=831
Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55 or 18-64 (depending on country profile demographics structure) into account.

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