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Dutch Fashion Pulse 2024: Clothing, Footwear and Accessories

TGM Research reveals that Dutch fashion exhibits distinct spending behaviors across demographics, highlighting varied preferences in clothing, footwear, and jewelry and accessories.

Dutch Fashion Pulse 2024

The exploration into TGM Consumer Sentiment Report in the Netherlands 2024 uncovers nuanced spending patterns within the Dutch fashion industry, revealing key insights into how different age groups and genders allocate their fashion budgets. The analysis focuses on three primary categories: clothing, where men significantly lead in spending; footwear, dominated by female purchasing power; and jewelry and accessories, with notable preferences among those aged 45-59. Understanding these demographic nuances and responding with targeted products and marketing strategies can help brands effectively engage with their audiences, ensuring relevance and success in a dynamic market.

Clothing: The Rise of Male Fashion Enthusiasts

Dutch men have shown a notable increase in their spending on clothing, with 32% reporting more expenditure compared to 29% of women. This trend is particularly strong among younger men aged 18-29, who lead with 38% spending more, indicating a vibrant interest in fashion. Women, while slightly behind men in the overall increase, still maintain a substantial presence in the clothing market, particularly in high-quality and versatile fashion options.

Fashion brands should develop and promote a high-quality menswear line that blends casual and professional styles. Targeted digital advertising campaigns designed to reach male consumers on platforms where they are most active online can maximize engagement and conversion rates.

Footwear: Female Dominance in Shoe Spending

In the footwear category, women clearly dominate the spending trends, with 26% of females increasing their budget compared to 25% of males. The enthusiasm is most evident in the 18-44 age group, where a notable 37% of consumers are investing more in their footwear, showcasing a robust interest in new styles and innovative designs.

Footwear brands can attract this fashion-conscious demographic by introducing seasonal collections, hosting interactive pop-up shoe events, and enhancing tailored loyalty programs that reward engagement and repeat purchases.

Jewelry and Accessories: Mature Preferences Shape the Market

The jewelry and accessories sector sees a balanced increase in spending among all demographics, with a slight advantage in the 45-59 age group where 25% are spending more. This age group tends to prefer quality over quantity, opting for pieces that offer both elegance and timelessness.

Jewelry brands should cater to this preference by launching a bespoke jewelry service for personalized designs, allowing customers to collaborate with artisans on custom pieces. An enhanced online presence that emphasizes craftsmanship, luxury, and the timeless nature of their products will attract these mature consumers looking for special, lasting items.

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