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A study to examine the current political situation and people's attitudes in Bangladesh

A study to examine the current political situation and people's attitudes in Bangladesh


A study to examine the current political situation and people's attitudes in Bangladesh

Project background:

Bangladesh is a developing country with a population of over 160 million people. In recent years, it has made significant progress in reducing poverty and increasing economic growth. However, income inequality remains high and the unemployment rate is still relatively high. The government has implemented several initiatives to promote economic growth and development, including infrastructure development, small and medium enterprise development, and skill development programs.

Researchers from Dartmouth College approached TGM to conduct a study to better understand the current political situation in Bangladesh. The study aimed to identify the political and social attitudes of the people in Bangladesh and the reasons for their support for certain groups. It is important to note that this research was not intended to support or oppose any political candidate or office. It had no affiliation with any political candidate or campaign and received no financial support from any political candidate or campaign.

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Bangladesh statistics


Bangladesh, an emerging market with a 31% internet penetration rate, presents a significant challenge for online market research efforts when striving for a balanced sample. Our team at TGM faced obstacles in recruiting a balanced sample of individuals over the age of 35 and achieving quotas for female respondents. However, we were able to successfully overcome these challenges through the utilization of multiple sampling data collection methods.

Additionally, the sensitive nature of the questionnaire required a strategic approach in crafting questions that avoided negative emotional responses from participants. Our expertise in navigating these obstacles ultimately resulted in a successful completion of the project.

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TGM case study map - Bangladesh
  • Sample: N=6000
  • Targeted Audience: General population
  • Age: 18+
  • Quotas: Gender and age
  • Scope of work: Localization | translation and Data collection


The study measured popular attitudes and behaviors among various topics, as it was believed that some of them may influence the political situation in the country - for example, preferred economic and political systems, usage of media channels, and internal values among different social groups. Through advertisement displays, it was possible to learn about the awareness and effects of videos intended to promote nonviolence in Bangladesh. The results from this project aimed to assist governments and service providers in improving their policies and programs, in order to increase the comfort of citizens and reduce the scale and\or likelihood of potential conflicts to occur in the future.

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in South Asia. If you have any further questions about how best to set up your online research study in Bangladesh or other South Asian countries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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