Research Design: Research consultancy and questionnaire design

Research Design: Research consultancy and questionnaire design

Research Design: Research consultancy and questionnaire design

Research Design: Research consultancy and questionnaire design


Business context & TGM Solution

Not everyone has to know everything. If you are not sure of your research design skills - get help from a research expert. As experts in market research, we offer you research and business consultancy along with questionnaire research methodology support with creation. 

Comprehensive offer will give you peace of mind

A holistic data collection and research design offer will give you peace of mind and confidence that that stems from knowing that we will take care of everything. By choosing a comprehensive offer, you get an all-encompassing service. Our education and years of experience in conducting all types of research around the world allow us to accurately define the business challenges faced while working on different projects and the research goals resulting from them. Taking into account the research objectives, we will design a research process suitable for your business needs so that it is time and cost-effective. Thanks to a properly selected research sample and research methods supporting global data collection, we will provide you with powerful insights that will take your project furtherWe can present the results of the research in an expert report in an online dashboard, which will be visible 24/7 to members of your organization who you invite to the dashboard. 

We are a team of researchers and analysts from all around the world. We combine our research knowledge to offer you optimal solutions for your business. Professional advice will allow you to ask the right questions in the study and select the most appropriate research method. We can conduct qualitative research - FGIs focus groups, individual in-depth IDIs interviews, online communities, as well as quantitative research using the CAWI method - UX testing, Concept testing, Market entry, Advertising and Campaign research, brand research, pricing research, CX research, Mystery shopper.  


Why work with TGM Research on Research Design?

Team of experts

Our dedicated research team of consultants will guide you along all steps of your market research to provide full consultancy and understanding of the local specificities, ensure that one same methodology will apply. For the sampling plan, we aim to provide the exact same blend and sources for respondents across countries and waves so you can have comparable data for repeated measurement and historical trends. Our consultants will also support you with analytics to generate automated charting, create dashboards and turn data into insights. Let us know who is the recipient of the research results, how the results will be used and what are the main business goals, and we will adapt the research and presentation of results to your needs and the needs of your organization.

Active work with the client

When working on research, our agency can be a catalyst that helps employees who have been immersed in the project for a long time gain a fresh perspective and lead them to new ideas. We have experience in business consulting and creating marketing strategies, sales strategies and strategies for specific brands and products. We use this experience in conducting workshops for customers, both before the study - to define research goals, key process assumptions, developing the study and the sample, collecting the data, and after the presentation of the study results - to popularize them in the organization and facilitate their processing and implementation of the recommendations resulting from the study. If you decide to cooperate with us, you will not be alone at any stage of the research - we will do it with you. 

Speed, Speed, Speed

Market research with TGM is not just a product; it is a game-changing solution that allows you to access one integrated global audience for your data collection, reaching almost any profile of people, anywhere, at any time. A research solution that uses technology on a deep to provide fast results with automated dashboards and customized reporting ready to use. Our consultants, located in different time zones, will coordinate all aspects of your project with agility, using decades of experience to provide a fast turnaround. Thanks to the distribution of our team in different parts of the world, your project will be taken care of 24 hours a day. We have a long-time experience in remote work, so we can communicate effectively and work remotely so that your project is completed faster than you think.

Comprehensive project management

Market research can be an iterative processTo ensure the greatest level of comfort for our customers, during the study, we take on the organizational burden, both in terms of coordinating subsequent stages of the study and coordinating work in several markets at once (if necessary).  

Comprehensive approach

We use a variety of qualitative research and quantitative research tools for new ideas, processes, services, and products, thanks to which we learn about the opinion of customers regarding a tested concept on a deep level. Depending on your needs, we will propose the most effective research tools and methods as well as methods of processing marketing research. 

Cost Efficiency

Working with us will lower your market research costs and increase your profitability through economies of scale. TGM Research has its own proprietary audience of respondents worldwide, and our unique digital technology for research combined to automation reduces local project management for your project. Your perfectly optimized content goes here! 


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