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How to conduct market
research projects in Kazakhstan?

A guideline on best practices how to conduct a successful online survey project in Kazakhstan.


How to conduct market research projects in Kazakhstan?

Why Kazakhstan is an interesting market to conduct research?

Kazakhstan - a state established about 30 years ago due to the collapse of the Soviet Union, is now one of the most prosperous and wealthiest countries in Central Asia. The country, rich in oil, gas, coal, and other significant minerals, controls some of the world’s largest oil and gas fields – Tengiz and Korolev.
Located between the most prominent trade routes between China, Russia, Europe, and the Middle East, Kazakhstan enhances its market position by joining international trade organizations, such as WTO and EAEU. With the highest GDP and purchasing power levels in the region, vast possession of natural resources, and a significant strategic location, Kazakhstan has become a current emerging country leader for future investments.

How is the current economic situation in Kazakhstan?

However, the 9th world’s largest country by territory faces enormous challenges in transportation and distribution. Nearly half of the 19 million population lives in poor, rural areas. Often isolated communities lack substantial public and social services. The global pandemic, being the main cause of the market turmoil, uncovered the tension concerning increased prices, state corruption, and income inequality.
Yet, the authorities are already on the way to boosting the country's economic potential by establishing numerous economic and industrial zones that benefit new initiatives and investments. The future-planned expenditures involve advancement in agriculture, transport, communications, and power sectors.
Key data facts about Kazakhstan

What is the current state of digital in Kazakhstan?

Nowadays, Kazakhstan is on the road to transition into a more digital state despite various market disturbances. The aim of Digital Kazakhstan (governmental program for 2018-2022) was to improve the life quality of its citizens through general digitalization. Currently, internet penetration stands at 86%, and almost 14 out of the 19 million population claim to use social media.
Many elements of the economic sectors are enriched by technology-driven solutions and most apparently, we see is the rise of online market research. Kazakhstan is spearheading digital transformation in many areas. This is the reason why one of the recommended and best method in Kazakhstan to conduct research is online survey, as it is affordable, secure and assures quality results in short timeframe.

Why to choose online research methods for fielding a research project in Kazakhstan?

In the face of transport and delivery challenges, online research methods are recommended the most to conduct a successful survey in Kazakhstan. Due to the poor conditions of the railway line and insufficient length of roads, it is a challenging task to reach some of the isolated communities.
By using specialized targeting and digital acquisition, online research methods enable increasing the audience range outside of the urban areas, such as the region of Almaty, Nur-Sultan, or Shymkent.
Exacerbated by the economic turmoil, there is a decrease in the credibility and confidence of Kazakhs towards the elite and authorities that keep close ties with Russia. It is more reasonable to conduct online research in politically unstable regions due to the anonymity while filling out the questionnaire. Having the opportunity to choose the place and time to answer the survey questions, and being the only one in the room, increases the chance of sharing the most truthful and accurate opinions, especially amidst susceptible questions.
Online data collection methods boosts better quality data and supports market research companies to gain actionable insights and consequently they are able to make data-informed decisions.
Data collection and data processing will also be shortened. The researcher will not have to spend long hours and days between reaching the targeted audience; instead, he/she can complete the project even within a few hours.

How to run a successful online survey in Kazakhstan? Key points.

With that being said, let’s take a look at several important key points to remember when running an online market research in Kazakhstan.
  • Localize it properly. The two largest ethnic minority groups – Kazakhs and Russians cover about 90% of the total population, while the rest includes Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Ukrainians, Tatars, and many more. Kazakhstan is a bilingual nation where both Kazakh and Russian languages are spoken widely. Russian is the interethnic means of being used as an option of choice among Russians, Kazakhs, Koreans, and other minorities.

    It is essential to adjust the language to the local community. This will guarantee a better understanding of the context from the respondent’s point of view and as a result, produce better data quality.

  • Set realistic expectations. Despite having a 86% internet penetration rate, it’s worth remembering about the 2,5 million without access to the internet. There are usually elderly and poor-neighbourhood inhabitants. When considering your research quotas, discuss the chances of targeting your studied group of surveyed demography and related timelines with your research partner.
  • Keep it short. An approximately 10-15 minutes survey can keep a respondent attentive before he/she gets uninterested and careless while going further into the questionnaire. Don’t exceed the number and length of questions, as it might play against the quality of the responses. Keeping it short and concise, easy to understand and straightforward will contribute to a smooth experience for the respondents.
  • Ensure the safety of participants. Make sure the participants understand the purpose of the study and what the data collected from them will be used for. Additionally, ensure the partner you are choosing is someone who follows ethical codes in the market and public opinion research. This is important to provide respondents the confidence to answer questions without pressure.

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