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ICRC Using Online Research To Make An Impact In Myanmar

How did the International Committee of the Red Cross use online surveys to access communities in Myanmar and evaluate the effectiveness of its programs?


ICRC Using Online Research To Make An Impact In Myanmar

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) joined hands with TGM Research to conduct an online based research project in Myanmar to evaluate how communities behave online and their attitudes towards humanitarian work.

Project background:

Myanmar is a Southeast Asian country with a complex political history and diverse cultural heritage. The country is currently facing significant challenges, including political unrest and human rights concerns, which are being closely monitored by the international community.

The ICRC (The International Committee of the Red Cross) established a permanent presence in Myanmar in 1986. Since January 2013, it has been gradually expanding its activities in the country, providing vital humanitarian assistance to people affected by inter-communal violence in Rakhine State and armed conflict areas in the country's northeast. ICRC is currently running multiple programs in Myanmar, primarly focusing on improving access to healthcare services and clean water and restoring livelihoods in these remote regions.

ICRC in Myanmar
ICRC for years, have been supporting the communities in Myanmar (source: ICRC)
Evaluation plays a crucial role in NGO work, enabling organizations to assess the effectiveness of their programs and make data-driven decisions to improve outcomes. By monitoring and evaluating their activities, NGOs can identify what works and what does not, and adjust their strategies accordingly. When selecting the fieldwork methodology for a research program, it is essential to consider the challenges and risks involved in reaching affected communities in Myanmar. Consequently, the ICRC has decided to conduct online survey to access those who may have been difficult to connect with using traditional offline methods.


Conducting fieldwork-based research in Myanmar poses significant challenges due to infrastructure problems and safety concerns. To reach and educate local communities, the ICRC has shifted its focus towards impact-oriented communication actions using digital media. Consequently, an online methodology was chosen as the preferred approach for data collection.

Partnering with TGM Research, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) aimed to gain insight into how communities in Myanmar behave online and their attitudes towards humanitarian work.

Research Goals:

To collect data to analyze and profile potential audiences in Myanmar supporting the development of future actions conducted by ICRC. Specifically, the key focus was on:
  • What are the digital platforms used in Myanmar?
  • How do audiences in Myanmar consume digital media?
  • What are the attitudes towards Humanitarian work?
  • What is the awareness of the specific NGO’s?


  • Sample: N=1000 online interviews using hybrid sample approach.
  • Target Audience: general online population (representative digital-national sample in terms of demographics & regions).
  • Age: 18-65
Scope of work: questionnaire development consultancy, survey localization (Burmese) and scripting, data collection and data processing.


The project took 27 days (about four weeks) to collect data. TGM Research used multiple sampling methods to deliver a Myanmar country online representative sample (N=1000) using the online methodology.

Client's feedback:

"The TGM team was very responsive and quick, and the communication was apt even with the time zone differences. Personally, I appreciate the open and honest conversation when things are challenging and the proposed alternatives. TGM also has a good understanding of the market from closer knowledge and perspective; they were very accommodating when I asked you to push more younger-aged respondents. The very solution-oriented team at TGM is like we are at ICRC. You are always looking to the future and helping to solve our problems, A very valuable collaboration and a learning curve working with TGM in our first project. All in all, with definite positive feedback, we look forward to our future collaboration with TGM."
- Rebeka Johnson, PhD
ICRC Marketing and Research Manager & Learning and Evaluation Strategic Advisor

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research conducted multiple market research projects in Myanmar, pioneering online research in this market. To learn more about other recent projects we did in Myanmar, please contact us.

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