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TGM Global Gambling
and Sports Betting Survey

Do you need market research on the gambling industry? TGM Global
Gambling and Sports Betting Survey provide insights into gambling
behavior and statistics worldwide. Obtain information about gambling,
well-known brands, and customer preferences.
  • 35,4%
  • people bet on sports in the past 12 months
  • 20,2%
  • people attend sporting event bets placed online/through apps (e.g. football, horse racing)
  • 22,9%
  • people participate in lottery/games of chance (e.g. Powerball, bingo)
  • 17%
  • people join sporting event bets placed among friends (e.g. football, horse racing)

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Report Overview

Almost one-third of the world's population gambles or participates in sports betting at some point in their lives. That number is also growing, owing primarily to the popularity and accessibility of online gambling services. As a result, we conducted an online survey to understand this subject better. We believe that everyone, from casinos, and sports betting companies to players, should have access to this valuable information. Doing so makes it feasible to determine whether consumers are gambling responsibly and whether industry procedures are improving. TGM Research, as always, strives to provide market insights on this topic.

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey

TGM Gambling and Sports Betting Insights

TGM Gambling and
Sports Betting Survey

Interactive report of the TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey 2022.
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TGM Gambling and Sports Betting Insights

Selected Insights from the survey:

The survey results are in, and we've gathered some insights that we thought you might find interesting!

How do the interest in football and the games look like?
Interest in football is global:
There are billions of football lovers around the globe. Football is played, followed and discussed in almost every corner of planet earth. In all countries surveyed, 72% of people say they are interested in football, with the highest percentage of football fans occurring in APAC (48%) and MENA (46%).

Football is primarily about watching and supporting.
Most sports fans worldwide limit themselves to watching football on TV (72%) and following it on the Internet (52%). Playing football and attending live matches is the case only for 20% globally. The regions that play football most are Latin America (28%) and MENA (27%).

Level of interest in football and football activities - TGM World Cup Survey Research Data and Insights
What are the characteristics of football fans?
Football fans' age:
72% globally say they are interested in watching football. However, interest in football is related to age, with the majority of the fanbase being between 25 and 44 years old. The younger demographic is generally less interested in football. Only in Europe and Northern America, we observed a similar level of interest as in older age groups.

Football is not only a male game.
58% of women in the survey declared a general interest in football, with 1 out of 4 saying they are very interested in the game. The group of engaged female audiences (claiming a high level of interest) is the largest in Nigeria (46%), UAE (44%), Saudi Arabia (44%), and Brazil (41%).
Global audience statistics - interest in football by age and gender (female, male)
What is the interest and participation in FIFA World Cup 2022™ globally?
FIFA World Cup 2022™ is getting a vast amount of attention.
Our survey revealed that 67% of sports fans were interested in this year's tournament, with 39% declaring they were very interested. The highest levels of interest in the games were found in Africa (51%), Latin America (50%) and the Middle East (49%).

Not only the final match.
Among those who will watch the World Cup, 91% will watch more than one game during the event, with 51% declaring they will follow the tournament closely, watching every game possible. As a significant part of the competing national teams comes from Europe, fans there will focus their attention on the games of their country' teams (26%).

How will the world watch Qatar's 2022 FIFA World Cup?
The vast majority (83%) interested in the World Cup tournament will watch the games on TV in all countries surveyed. However, the ascent of streaming platforms during this year's World Cup in Qatar is apparent. 42% globally intend to watch World Cup games using online streaming, with 44% of younger audiences declaring so. Notably, viewers over 44 prefer to watch the games rather than via TV. The willingness to use online streaming platforms is the lowest in Europe. With access to broadcast on public TV, only 26% of sports fans will use streaming as a considered platform of choice to access FIFA World Cup 2022™ tournament's content.

Level of interest in Qatar Football World Cup 2022 - Global insights from TGM World Cup Global Survey
Who will win the Qatar World Cup?
Supporting national team.
The World Cup is also a playground for national optimism. Supporting the country's national team, against all odds and international rank data, is the case for fans from the countries surveyed participating in the tournament (see the map below).

Which team is predicted to win the World Cup?
Everyone is making predictions about who will come out on top in the battle for the jewel of FIFA's crown. The usual suspects will undoubtedly be to the fore, but there is always room for a bolt from the blue. By the results of the survey, globally, the favourite team to win the World Cup 2022 is Brazil (18% of votes), with Argentina coming 2nd (10%). However, the likes are also for France, Germany, and Spain - which are understandably considered perennial challengers.

Who will win Qatar 2022 World Cup - Global Voting - Insights from TGM World Cup Global Survey

Who was voted as the best football player by the sport's fan's worldwide?
Football is about teams and teamwork, but every team consists of individual talents. A World Cup is a showcase for the best footballers on the planet. Qatar 2022 promises to provide us with a mix of potential final appearances for a group of multiple iconic stars combined with the emergence of an exciting new generation of talents.

Results of the voting:
- Cristiano Ronaldo 1st
- Lionel Messi 2nd
- Erling Haaland 3rd
- Kylian Mbappe 4th
- Robert Lewandowski 5th

How Ramadan 2022 celebrations will differ?
Which brand wins the World Cup?
In any tournament, sponsors are critical. They support programs financially, which in turn helps promote the brand. The FIFA World Cup is one of the most influential international marketing platforms. All top brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Wanda Group, and Qatar Airways have become part of FIFA Official Partners.

We also asked survey participants which brands they think will gain more awareness and association with the competition, and a majority of the participant went for Adidas. Other brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Qatar Airways, Visa, Pepsi, FIFA, Puma, Emirates and Heineken were also voted.

World Cup Sponsorship - Brand Awareness of Qatar 2022 World Cup Sponsors

What is the incidence of betting on sports in globally?

TGM sports betting survey icon

According to the results of the TGM International Sports Betting Survey conducted in 44 countries in October 2022 - 35,4% were involved in sports betting activities within the last 12 months.

How often do people worldwide bet on sports?

TGM sports betting survey icon

Based on the results of the TGM Global Sports Betting Survey, frequency in all the countries surveyed for people participating in sports booking was:
- 18,77% bet on sports a few times a week,
- 8,34% does sports betting once a month,
- 35,41% bet on sports a few times a year or less.

What is the core reason for people worldwide to bet on sports?

TGM sports betting survey icon

According to the survey results, 18,77% of people who bet on sports are driven by the desire to "win money"; while 8,34% said they enjoy the excitement/experience from the sports booking. Participating in sports betting is also considered a factor which brings an additional element of fun for the sports fans; 35,41% said they are more interested in watching/following a game after betting on results.

How do people worldwide participate in sports betting? Is this online or offline activity?

TGM sports betting survey icon

Sports booking takes place primarily over the internet. According to TGM's international survey results, sports fans who participate in sports betting, 80% do this primarily via the internet/mobile apps.

What is the strongest sports betting platform brand worldwide?

TGM sports betting survey icon

According to the TGM Sports Betting Survey, respondents globally pointed at BET365 as the sports betting platform that comes to mind first when thinking about sports booking.

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey icon

Data on different segments of audiences

Data comparing gambling audiences across regions is available to understand better how gambling audiences engage with and interact with sports betting and gambling activities.

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey icon

Worldwide gambling and Sports betting survey

The results of the largest independent gambling and sports betting survey, over 28,800+ people from 44 countries were polled regarding their gambling habits and frequency.

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey icon

Popular gambling and Sports betting brands

By studying the most popular gambling and sports betting brands and player preferences, you learn more about what resonates with and appeals to specific target audiences.

TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey icon

Customizable and downloadable report

Extensive data appendices to support our research's findings and insights, TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Report, which is customized and can be downloaded, explain behaviors and gives detailed information.

The research project was carried out between the 1st and 17th of October, 2022, using the method of online interviews in 44 countries on a nationally representative sample, N=28.846 participants.

The results are analysed amongst those who gamble or participate in sports betting.
TGM Global Gambling and Sports Betting Survey - Research Fieldwork Map
Gender: Male (50.8%), and Female (49.2%).

Age: 18 - 24 (18%), 25 - 34 (27%), 35 - 44 (25%), 45 - 54 (19%), 55 - 64 (12%).

Country sample size: Argentina N=749, Australia N=645, Belgium N=587, Brazil N=693, Cameron N=705, Canada N=704, Colombia N=715, Costa Rica N=561, Croatia N=587, Denmark N=397, Ecuador N=692, Egypt N=659, France N=701, Germany N=661, Ghana N=769, Indonesia N=666, Italy N=716, Japan N=603, Kenya N=715, Mexico N=731, Morocco N=724, Netherlands N=585, Nigeria N=754, Pakistan N=628, Peru N=699, Philippines N=697, Poland N=825, Portugal N=727, Qatar N=163, Saudi Arabia N=660, Senegal N=452, Serbia N=583, South Africa N=774, South Korea N=473, Spain N=733, Switzerland N=458, Thailand N=612, Tunisia N=534, Turkey N=729, UAE N=662, UK N=760, Uruguay N=540, US N=754, Vietnam N=595, Wales N=469,

Results were weighted to take country population structure into account.

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We discuss gambling on our website solely for editorial purposes. We do not participate in or encourage gambling. We also make no claim to understand the local laws governing sports betting in our readers' jurisdictions. All visitors to our website must conduct their own research into local laws in their respective countries.
We are a market research firm that only provides information for educational purposes. Readers should be aware that they are solely responsible for their betting choices. We oppose gambling and betting.
TGM Research is not responsible for our readers' actions after they leave our site. Our sports betting data is only provided for editorial purposes. By visiting our website, you agree that TGM Research will not be held liable for your gambling/betting decisions or any losses that may result from those decisions and activities after you leave our site.
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