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Insights in Brazil

TGM Euro Survey in Brazil 2024

Welcome to TGM's Euro Insights Station 2024! As the tournament kicks off, dive into the latest football fan insights with TGM Research's comprehensive survey spanning multiple continents. Explore our Euro Report in Brazil 2024, a treasure trove of fascinating data on fan participation and perceptions. Unlock lucrative opportunities and innovative approaches for your business with our detailed analysis today!
Insights in Brazil
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Key Findings from
the TGM Euro Survey in Brazil 2024

Euro 2024 Engagement and Brand Favorites TGM Research white logo
61% of Brazilians are interested in the UEFA Euro 2024™
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    61% of Brazilians are interested in the UEFA Euro 2024™
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    58% of Brazilians will watch the UEFA Euro 2024™on TV broadcast/ Home TV
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    51% of Brazilians will try to watch every match of the UEFA Euro 2024™
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 insights
    4% of Brazilians consider watching the UEFA Euro 2024™ live in Germany
  • TGM Global Euro Survey 2024 viewers insights
    Adidas and NIKE are the chosen brands which are believed to connect with the UEFA Euro 2024™ games the most according to fans from Brazil
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About the report

FAQs on TGM Euro Report in Brazil

What makes the TGM Euro Report in Brazil 2024 stand out?

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    The TGM Euro Report in Brazil 2024 provides comprehensive insights into the unique behaviors and preferences of Brazilian football fans. Our extensive survey reveals detailed information on fan engagement, including how Brazilians watch and support football, their favorite teams, and their participation in the sport. The report also highlights the impact of major brands associated with UEFA Euro 2024™ and examines regional comparisons to provide a broader global context. With a focus on Brazil's specific market dynamics, this report equips businesses with the knowledge to develop targeted marketing strategies and make informed decisions to effectively connect with Brazilian football enthusiasts.

How do the interest in football and the games look like in Brazil?

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    According to our survey, 70% of Brazilians are interested in football.
    Football is primarily about watching and supporting: Most sports fans in Brazil engage with football by watching it on TV (91%) and following it online (65%). Playing football is less common, with only 25% of Brazilian fans participating in this activity.

What are the characteristics of football fans in Brazil?

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    Football fans' age: 70% of Brazilians express a desire to watch or follow the sport. However, age plays a significant role in this interest. The majority of the fanbase falls between 25 and 34 years old, making up 75% of football enthusiasts in Brazil.

What is the interest and participation in the UEFA Euro 2024™ in Brazil?

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    Our survey revealed that 61% of Brazilians are interested in this year's tournament, with 31% expressing strong interest.
    Viewing habits: Among those planning to watch the UEFA Euro 2024™, an overwhelming 99% will tune in for at least one game. Over half of Brazilian respondents (51%) intend to watch every game they can, while 16% will focus only on the matches involving their favorite teams.

    How will Brazilian fans watch the UEFA Euro 2024™?

    The majority of Brazilian fans interested in the UEFA Euro Championship™ will watch the games on TV broadcast (58%). Other popular methods are through streaming TV channel/ app (51%), streaming devices (28%) or social media (28%).

Who are Brazilian football fans supporting in the UEFA Euro 2024™?

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    49% of Brazilian football fans are supporting Portugal in the UEFA Euro 2024™, making it the top choice. Following Portugal, Germany has the support of 35%, England 32%, and France 30%.

    Which team is predicted to win the UEFA Euro 2024™?

    According to our survey, Brazilians predict Germany as the winner of the UEFA Euro 2024™, with 28% of the vote. France follows closely in second place with 20%, and England is third with 17%.

Who was voted as the best football player by fans in Brazil?

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    Football is about teams and teamwork, but every team is built on individual talents. Check out below to see who Brazilian fans voted as the best football player!

    Results of the voting:
    - Lionel Messi 1st
    - Cristiano Ronaldo 2nd
    - Vinícius Júnior 3rd
    - Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior 4th
    - Kylian Mbappe 5th

Which brand wins the UEFA Euro 2024™ according to Brazilian football fans?

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    We asked survey participants in Brazil which brand comes to mind first when thinking of the UEFA Euro 2024™. The majority named Adidas (20%). Other prominent brands that came to mind included Nike, Heineken, Coca-Cola, BYD, FIFA, Budweiser—some of which are official sponsors, while others are not.

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The survey was conducted through online interviews across 26 countries fron the 10th - 28th of May 2024, targeting a representative sample of adults aged 18 to 55+. This sample accurately reflects the adult population of each country in terms of gender and age distribution.
Age groupings by 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55+. Country sample size: Austria (N=734), Belgium (N=732), France (N=813), Germany (N=860), Italy (N=1235), Netherlands (N=570), Poland (N=805), Portugal (N=1230), Romania (N=783), Serbia (N=712), Spain (N=992), Switzerland (N=349), Turkey (N=749), the UK (N=779), Ukraine (N=745), Australia (N=695), India (N=991), Indonesia (N=796), Philippines (N=791), Thailand (N=712), Nigeria (N=764), South Africa (N=992), USA (N=879), Argentina (N=761), Brazil (N=792), and Mexico (N=796). Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55+ into account.

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