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TGM Global Christmas Survey 2021

How will Christmas be different this year?

What did we find out in the world's biggest Holiday season survey this year?
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Are you ready for the Christmas season?

Christmas is the time of year when many of us come together to reminisce about the year gone by and make plans for the year ahead. And while the COVID-19 outbreak will make this year feel a little different, we are all looking forward to spending time together with our loved ones regardless of what shape “together” will take.
After a muted and chaotic Christmas period in 2020, consumers worldwide and brands alike are looking forward to what will hopefully be a slight dose of normality this December and the following year. However, even with restrictions getting less strict, the impact of the pandemic on customer behavior is ongoing and will likely still become evident again this Christmas.
This Christmas, brands also have another opportunity to play a unique role in helping customers and communities – from inspiring them to rekindle the festive spirit to providing frictionless ways to shop for gifts for friends, family and themselves. As we all begin planning our activities for the upcoming season, we at TGM have commissioned this largest Christmas research project this year to bring you some global inspiration for the upcoming Holiday season.

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2021 Christmas Global Survey results


Online survey with 14,250 participants, in 17 countries, broken down into gender being Male 49.87% and Female 50.13%%.


Age groupings by 18-24 (25%), 25-29 (18%) 30-39 (32%), 40-50 (25%).

Country sample size: Argentina N=750, Brazil N=800, Canada N=500, France N=800, Germany N=800, Greece N=800, Italy N=800, Kenya N=750, Mexico N=750, Nigeria N=900, Philippines N=800, Poland N=1500, Russia N=1000, South Africa N=800, Spain N=800, UK N=900, USA N=800

Results were weighted to take country population structure aged between 18-55 or 18-65 (depending on country profile demographics structure) into account.


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