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Evaluating the safety of children's furniture in Polish market

Assessing safety technology in children's furniture: Online study of Polish mothers' perspectives


Evaluating the safety of children's furniture in Polish market

Project background:

The birth of a child brings with it a heightened sense of responsibility and obligation for parents to ensure the safety of their child. This sense of responsibility persists as the child grows, although older children and teenagers are typically more capable of taking care of themselves than newborns and infants. Newborns, infants, and toddlers are particularly vulnerable to accidents, many of which involve furniture, which can lead to serious injuries.

In light of these concerns, a Polish children's furniture manufacturer engaged TGM Research to conduct a study to define safety in the context of children's furniture and to evaluate the potential appeal and willingness to purchase furniture that incorporates advanced safety technology.


The incidence of the specific target group was low, which presented a challenge in recruiting participants. To ensure a representative sample, specific quotas were established for the different age groups of children, with a breakdown of 1/3 children aged 0-12 months, 1/3 children aged 13-24 months, and 1/3 children aged 25-36 months. To overcome this challenge, we utilized our profiling database to precisely target specific target groups and successfully recruit the required sample.


  • Sample: N = 514
  • Market Studied: Poland
  • Targeted Audience: Mothers of children aged 0-3 years old
  • Age: 18+
  • Method: U&A and concept test
TGM case study map - Poland


The full-service project was completed within a period of 20 days, during which we were able to identify key patterns of behavior related to furniture purchases and attitudes towards furniture safety among mothers of children aged 0-3. Additionally, through the concept test, TGM Research was able to provide a comprehensive assessment of the client's proposed concept, as well as the company's market reception and association.

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