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Exploring Consumer Attitudes towards Health, Sport, and Food Supplements in Poland

Understanding Poland's Dietary and Protein Supplement Market: A Consumer Study


Consumer Attitudes towards Health, Sport, Food Supplements in Poland

Project background:

In Poland, family life, work, and financial stability are key priorities for adults. However, depending on socio-demographic characteristics, sport and health care also play a significant role. Factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, societal affluence, and peer group pressure can influence physical activity and health care attitudes.

In view of this, the demand for food supplements in Poland has been growing in recent years. The market for these products has expanded, providing a diverse range of options for consumers. The popularity of food supplements is driven by various factors, including increased awareness of health and wellness, a desire to improve overall health and well-being, and the convenience of these products. Food supplements are considered as a quick and easy way to supplement essential nutrients that may be lacking in the regular diet. These products can be found in various retail outlets such as health food stores, supermarkets, and online marketplaces, with a wide range of brands and SKUs available.

Considering this, a sports supplement company approached TGM's experts to design and execute a project that would reflect consumer behaviors and attitudes towards health, sport, and the use of dietary and protein supplements, as well as to understand the company's market positioning in Poland.

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The project, although challenging, was relatively simple as the project managers had a wealth of experience in handling similar projects both in Polish market as well as narrowly targeted. The team faced only a significant complexity in managing the multiple quotas required for the study. However, despite these difficulties, the fieldwork was successfully completed, allowing for robust data processing and analysis across a variety of sub-groups.


  • Sample: n=2000
  • Targeted Audience: National representatives aged 18-64
  • Quotas: Age, gender, education, city size, region
  • Method: U&A
TGM case study map - Poland


The results of the study provided valuable insights into consumer behaviors and attitudes towards purchasing and consuming dietary supplements, including protein powders targeted towards athletes. The data collected helped to assess the size and potential of the market, as well as the positioning of the brand within it. This information can be utilized to inform strategic decisions and drive growth for the company in the dietary supplement market in Poland.

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