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Understanding Dental Habits and Oral Hygiene Practices in the Middle East

A study to recognize popular preferences for dental health and oral hygiene practices in UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Understanding Dental Habits and Oral Hygiene Practices in the Middle East

Project background:

Oral hygiene concerns each of us. Certain factors, such as age, place of residence, and education, can lead to varying practices and trends within this issue. In many places, oral hygiene has evolved to the point where the use of a traditional toothbrush is insufficient.

Modern technologies are helping to deliver proper oral hygiene every day, considering individual needs. It is seen in the form of a wide selection of products and precursor services incorporating modern toothbrushing methods, as well as pro-health applications with access to specialists to support daily oral care.

Understanding Dental Habits and Oral Hygiene Practices in the Middle-East
The Client has reached out to TGM Research to conduct research to understand the popular dental behavior in two Arabian countries – the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The project aimed to measure the level of interest in pro-health applications with access specialists.


Effectively profiling individuals based on the variable factors of education poses a significant challenge in our online research. To address this, a strategic approach involves the continual refinement and updating of profile questions within the panel.


TGM case study map - KSA and UAE


By using the U&A method, it was possible to understand general dental and oral care behavior, i.e., choosing the best oral care products and dentists. In addition, we inquired about their potential needs and interest in using specific dental care services. Altogether the results helped us understand the potential of the services offered by the Client before entering the market.

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in Middle Eastern countries. To learn more about our recent projects in UAE and KSA please contact us.

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