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Understanding the opinions of people on the upcoming World Cup 2022 with online surveys

How did online research surveys helped to understand the general opinion of people on the upcoming the World Cup 2022?

Understanding the opinions of people on the upcoming World Cup 2022 with online surveys

Project Background:

Football has a great social and cultural impact, especially in the globalized world, creating special identities and communities around the widespread football fans. It unites people who support favorite clubs and football players regardless of one’s culture, nation, age, or gender. Nonetheless, it engages millions of people in sports competitions. A sense of identity sometimes might be created in opposition to other clubs or nationalities, which in consequence, can lead to division, aggression, and prejudice.

In the face of the upcoming World cup 2022 in Qatar, one of our clients initiated a project in three Middle East countries - Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, which aimed to present a united and common history of football.


As there were some open-ended questions in the questionnaire, for better comfort of the respondents and quality of data, we conducted the study in the Arabic language.
Then, the small population of Oman (5 million) made it difficult to reach the targeted sample. Nonetheless, with the 95 percent of internet penetration in the country and the multiple sampling methods for data collection, TGM successfully delivered the required audience.


  • Sample: N=3000 (N=1000 per country)
  • Target Audience: citizens of Oman, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia that claimed to like football
  • Age: 18-34
Understanding the opinions of people on the upcoming World Cup 2022 with online surveys


The study was conducted as an ad test. Respondents watched 1 video (out of 4 available) and answered a few questions. It was possible to recognize the likability and reception of the ad, its impact on general opinions about the citizens of the United Kingdom, favourability towards this country in the football leagues, and the sense of familiarity with British citizens.

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