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Assessing willingness to share personal data in different countries with online research surveys

How were online research surveys used to assess the general opinion and patterns of behaviour concerning sharing personal data in Thailand, the Philippines, Germany, and Turkey?

Assessing willingness to share personal data in different countries

Project background:

Since data is the gold of the modern world, sharing personal information with certain actors has become suspicious, doubtful, and commonly unaccepted in some cases. Despite the specter of surveillance, everyone shares some of their personal data, whether with their health app, health insurance company, family doctor, partner, or employer.

There are certain exceptions for data sharing acceptance depending on one’s culture, lifestyle, specificity of data, etc. One of TGM’s Clients initiated a project to understand general opinions and patterns of behavior concerning sharing personal data. The online research was conducted in 4 countries – Thailand, the Philippines, Germany, and Turkey.


  • Sample: N=1600 (400 for each country)
  • Target audience: citizens of Thailand, Germany, the Philippines, and Turkey who feel generally healthy and have private health insurance
  • Age: 25+
TGM case study map - Willingness survey


The data collection took seven days. We were able to check the dependence between willingness to share data with different actors and personal health habits such as diet, exercise, alcohol, and tobacco consumption, as well as nationality.

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