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Exploring the behaviours and opinions of people on food applications with online surveys

How were online research surveys used to evaluate the behaviours and opinions of people on groceries and restaurant app usage in Poland, Italy, and Spain?

Behaviours and opinions of people on food applications with online surveys

Project background:

With the increase in internet usage, some of the traditional forms of commodities and services fade into oblivion. Formerly it was dine-in restaurants or weekly grocery shopping, now can be easily replaced by internet services delivering chosen goods even within an hour.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and worldwide inflation made grocery and restaurant online apps became more frequently used. Online delivery apps offer multiple discounts, help in saving money on gasoline, and in the case of grocery apps, help to monitor grocery bills and avoid adding redundant items to the cart.

In the interest of the app users, one of the Clients proposed a research project in three European countries – Poland, Italy, and Spain to understand general behaviors and opinions on groceries and restaurant app usage.


Due to the different levels of popularity of certain apps within the three countries, the project required specific market knowledge about each of them.

In addition, there were quotas established on the most popular groceries and restaurant apps, which was challenging during the process of data collecting.


  • Sample: N=1500 (500 for each country)
  • Target audience: people who used the apps to order food from restaurants; people who used the apps to order groceries. 
  • Method: UX/CX
  • Age: 18+
TGM case study map - European Union


TGM Research managed to successfully deliver a specific target sample within days. It helped to establish general opinions on the difficulty level of using the apps and gain some of the clients’ insights and suggestions on how to improve the app experience. The project had a significant impact on the future development of restaurant and grocery apps.

As the leading online data collection agency, TGM Research has conducted multiple market research projects, pioneering online research in Asia, Africa and Europe. To learn more about our recent projects in Europe and our expertise, please contact us.

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