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Adopting online research method to assess opinions on packaged butter in Uzbekistan

How did online data collection help to understand Uzbeks’ perceptions and attitudes regarding different butter brands?


Online research on packaged butter in Uzbekistan

Project background:

Dairy products are one of the main ingredients of Uzbekistan's cuisine, making the industry one of the country's most important agricultural sectors. They hold a prominent place in Uzbek food culture, especially butter products. The inclusion of meat and other types of butter in the cooking process is a distinctive aspect of Uzbek delectable indigenous cuisine since the locals here enjoy foods with a certain amount of greasiness. Butter is also one of the ingredients of bread - the one bake-good that Uzbeks treat with the utmost regard. It suffices to say that butter is a vital element of any kitchen in Uzbekistan. In response to our Client’s request, TGM conducted a brand tracking survey in order to understand Uzbeks’ perceptions and attitudes regarding different butter brands.


The Internet is strictly regulated in Uzbekistan, where the government has a history of enforcing temporary Internet shutdowns and granting limited access to particular websites. Uzbekistan is also among the top ten nations that Kaspersky claims are the most frequently targeted by cyberattacks. Therefore, people in this nation tend to be more dubious and careful of the information they obtain online. This Central Asian country is now among the most difficult countries in which to conduct market research and recruit panelists due to its constricted cyberspace.

According to the Ministry for the Development of Information Technologies and Communications' press service, Uzbekistan currently has more than 27.2 million Internet users, making up 71% of the population. However, Data Reportal's Digital 2022 Report indicates that the number of active social media users is still fairly small, at approximately 6 million, with women making up only about 35% of these users. Due to this, recruiting women older than 35 to participate in surveys was quite challenging for us.

Considering the aforementioned peculiar characteristics of the Uzbek market, a different and more varied approach was needed for the study to reach the intended sample. TGM Research had adopted a dynamic sampling technique, taking samples from a diverse range of sources, primarily via Facebook and Tapjoy platforms, in order to assure the most comprehensive and pertinent sample set.

Data Pills of Uzbekistan
Key information about population and digital use in Uzbekistan


  • Study type: Tracker
  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Research method: CAWI – Computer Assisted Web Interview
  • Frequency of Quota setting: Twice a year
  • Total Sample: N=400 (N=200 per wave/round)
  • Number of Waves: 2

Target Audience:

  • Main shopper in the family regardless of genders
  • Butter buyers and potential future buyers who are not currently using the product
Quotas: age, gender region and income classification


The brand tracking study had identified the level of brand awareness for various brands of packaged butter in the Uzbek market as well as how consumers perceive these brands. The study's success relies on the employment of multiple sampling method to gather data, allowing for the capture of a representative sample of the general populace. The research's findings thus have a significant impact on enterprises and serve as a solid foundation for their marketing strategy.

How to effectively run an online survey in Uzbekistan? Key takeaways.

  • Understand the demographics: In Uzbekistan, the gender split is nearly even, but the majority of online users are men. This fact needs to be taken into account while defining sample criteria.
  • Mobile-first: In Uzbekistan, cell phones are the most used device for browsing the Internet. Assuring that consumers can complete the survey on their mobile phone will help you ensure a high level of engagement and participation.
  • Trustworthiness: Due to the country's unstable political and security environment, Uzbeks will exercise greater caution when disclosing personal information online. To get more respondents and create enduring relationships with customers, organizations must demonstrate their trustworthiness and commitment to protecting customer information.

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