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Exploring Social Media Usage in Cambodia

Examining the Impact of Traditional and Social Media in Cambodia for Love Frankie


Exploring Social Media Usage in Cambodia

Project background:

Media, both traditional and social, has become an essential part of daily life for many individuals, organizations, and communities. With the wide range of communication tools available, it is now possible to not only consume information, but also create it. While media can be a powerful tool for gaining knowledge and shaping perspectives, it can also have negative consequences if not consumed critically.

In emerging countries like Cambodia, media pluralism and freedom of speech are often limited by under-regulated legislation and a lack of diversity in media ownership. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia recently recommended that the government improve media pluralism and introduce legal framework related to media. Additionally, social media usage in Cambodia is on the rise, with the percentage of active users doubling in the last five years, reaching 74% in 2022.

To further understand media usage in Cambodia, Love Frankie and TGM Research have collaborated to conduct a study on how people access information and express their views online in the country.

Cambodia data pill demographics

Scope of the Study:

Cambodian Consumer
  • Media usage habits: frequency of use for various types of media such as terrestrial TV, satellite TV, radio, internet, social media, newspapers, and podcasts.
  • Social media usage: usage of different social media platforms, which platforms they use most, and how often they use the internet for various activities.
  • Content preference: preference for different types of shows and their preferred language for consuming media.
  • Trust in news sources: the sources they use to access news and the brands they trust for getting news and information.


  • Sample: N=500
  • Targeted Audience: national representation of Cambodia
  • Age: 18+
TGM case study map - Cambodia


TGM Research efficiently gathered data within a specified timeframe by utilizing advanced online research methods. By conducting polls, the TGM team was able to gain insights into media usage, news access, and public opinion on sharing viewpoints online in Cambodian society. It also helped to understand social media usage and its impact on the understanding of news and expressing opinions publicly in Cambodia.

Client's feedback:

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