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Brand health tracking study to explore factors that influence the performance of branded coffee shops in Saudi Arabia

How did online data collection help to provide insights into customer preferences and values towards different branded café in Saudi market?


Brand health tracking study to explore factors that influence the performance of branded coffee shops in Saudi Arabia

Project background:

According to UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage, Saudi Arabian coffee culture is portrayed as a ‘ceremonial act of generosity’. In a markedly Islamic nation where drinking alcohol is utterly forbidden, this kind of drink serves as a much-needed alternative for those looking to celebrate, connect, and come together. Over the last few years, coffee has seen an increasing demand from Saudi consumers as their knowledge and appreciation for the drink has grown. The emergence of global coffee chains has played a key role in setting the standards for a redefinition of the ideal coffee shop experience. This in turn, has led to a widening market for coffee services in this country. A study from World Coffee Reportal shows that the branded coffee shop market has witnessed a remarkable 18.5% growth over the last 12 months, amounting to an impressive 3,550 outlets throughout Saudi Arabia. In this fiercely competitive environment, being able to recognize market tendencies and serve the audience is crucial to an enterprise’s growth and expansion. Hence, a Client sought our services with a request to conduct a brand health tracking study to comprehend their target consumers and swiftly adapt to changes in consumer preferences to preserve their competitive edge.
Key information about population and digital use in Saudi Arabia
Key information about population and digital use in Saudi Arabia


The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is known for its conservative society. Despite the expanding access to high-quality internet, freedom on the web in Saudi Arabia remains highly restricted. The authorities actively seek to limit access to particular types of information available online and anyone who speaks out against the government can face severe consequences. Hence, it prevents individuals from speaking up and reduces the possibility of free expression or discussion. Furthermore, they are likely to be reluctant to tap on hyperlinks or procure survey applications over worries of having malware installed onto their phones. Panelist recruitment in Saudi Arabia necessitates mindful communication and an open mind for those within its borders.


  • Study type: Brand Health Tracking
  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Total Sample: N=800 per wave
  • Number of Waves: 4

Target Audience:

  • People residing in Saudi Arabia, regardless of their gender or nationality
  • People who visited a coffee shop or brand at least once in the previous month
  • Age: 16+
  • Quotas: Age, Gender, Ethnicity and Region


Through dynamic sampling techniques, stratified sampling and quota-based survey design, a comprehensive sample of the population was obtained to provide an accurate depiction of their attitudes and behaviors towards the surveyed brands in Saudi Arabia. The results from this study are invaluable for our client who can use it to better understand their target audience, enabling them to tailor their products and services according to its preferences and make well-informed decisions in regards to their marketing strategy.

How to effectively run an online survey in Saudi Arabia? Key takeaways.

  • Recognize the dynamics: The population of Saudi Arabia is expanding rapidly, with a noticeable shift towards younger generations. The country is making conscious efforts to transition away from an energy-dependent economy by becoming more open to the world. As this transition occurs, it's important for businesses to take into consideration shifting mindsets in energy consumption and consumer spending. People are more likely to be aware of the environmental impacts of their actions, as well as the prices of goods and services that have been affected by the shift away from oil-dependent economies. Understanding the nuances of different generations, as well as changes due to changing economic conditions is crucial for market research.
  • Confidentiality: The safety and security of the personal information of your survey participants should be a top priority. Before collecting data, make sure that your survey participants understand how their responses are going to be used, what potential risks are involved, and the security measures in place to protect the information. This demonstrates respect for survey participants' privacy, increases trust in your research procedures, and ethical standards for your company.
  • Mindful communication: Despite the many changes that have happened in society, the kingdom still holds on to its conservative values. Delicate topics of discussion should be addressed with respect and caution.
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